The worse quality quartz stone is not only bad density but also bad hardness

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For selecting cabinet countertop, many people know to select quartz stone. But many people only select the similar surface, they don’t select brand and recoganize true or false, many worse quality quartz occupied the market. The false quartz is produced by small factory, they occupied the market quickly with the cheap price, welcomed by cabinet shop and stone shop. the requirements of the true quartz stone are very high, there need tens of millions investment to produce the eligible density quartz stone, selecting environmental material to ensure the health.

The false quartz is not only the quality bad but also harmful to the body. The bad quality quartz maybe include benzene, formaldehyde etc, there is the risk of cancer, maybe there is heavy metal pigment to harmful to health;maybe reduce the resin content or use the bad quality resin to reduce the stain resistance and break easily; the most serious is to damage the rights and interests of consumers, the consumers can’t enjoy the legal rights and interests. If there is any problem with these quartz, distributor can’t solve.

Except inspecting the hardness, what should we pay attention to the quartz stone? First, we should select the brand products, because the brand products have the after-sales. Second, you can ask the distributor to show solid surface inspection certificate to check from the internet. Last, ask for after-sales. All the products connect with the price and value, one penny one quality, it is the Law of eternal.

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