Whether offcut of quartz stone be discarded?

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Due to the quartz stone with high hardness, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean, and no radioactive elements harm to the human body, it becomes ideal material for kitchen countertops. But after made cabinet countertop, how to dispose offcuts of cutting the hole of basin? It is quartz stone manufacturers’ or customers’? how to manage offcuts? Here let’s have a look at how to manage the offcuts.

The part of cut in the processing of quartz stone counter top, is counted as loss, is belongs to user, because they have paid for it! Customer has the right to ask the cabinet company to bring when installing. But the problem has comes, what is the usage of offcuts? Writer think it can be used for a small table top, ask a worker to do a frame, the price should not expensive. It can also be placed on the balcony as a small tea table, drink afternoon tea, think also very comfortable. If the area is large enough can also made a computer desk, in short, as long as the full play of your imagination, nothing is impossible. But it is important to note that the four edges must be rounded, otherwise there is a security risk.

But for the offcuts writer recommend keep it down, the reason is, quartz is a brittle high polymer material, with the thermal expansion and contraction characteristics, and existence of a certain degree of shrinkage stress, impact toughness, elongation at break and other mechanical properties, when the material cannot withstand the thermal expansion and contraction of the internal stress, and it will be cracking when there is a serious external impact. When quartz stone cracking, it is difficult to find the same color slab to repair. Keep the offcuts material have some help for post-maintenance.

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