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 Quartz stone is also a kind of artificial stone material in green decoration stone, but the quartz stone production process is also divided into two kinds of die-casting and pouring manufacturing process, they have the same chemical compositions, but the production process and quality is different.What are their characteristics? How to identify?

1,Hardness, pouring slab hardness is lower than Mohs hardness 4, and die-casting slab hardness is equal to or higher than the Mohs hardness 6. The production process of the pouring slab is the same as that of the ordinary artificial stone, and the die-cast slab is made by pressing at least 50 tons of pressure.

2,Specific gravity (also known as the relative density, the density of the material in the standard atmospheric pressure, 3.98 pure H2O density (999.972 kg / m3) ratio), the proportion of pouring slab below 2Kg / m³. Die casting plate weight higher than 2.6kg / m³,it is fully in line with the quartz industry die-casting standards.

3,Environmental performance, pouring slab is curing in the case of room temperature, without any treatment, the residual chemical substances cause harm to people. The die-casting slab is cured by OT and high temperature uranium curing, the chemical composition of the slab inside with the high temperature treatment, is absolutely environmentally material. Therefore, die-casting slab has been environmentally characteristics to the consumer's trust.

It can be distinguished from their appearance, particles of the pouring slab are large and distribution is uneven, the back is obviously less than the front. The particles of the die-cast slab are evenly distributed.,Most of the quartz stone manufacturers are die-casting slab in nowadays, but pressure machine and formula is different, ratio of quartz sand and resin is different.

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