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On February 28, 2019, the company's Acceptance Meeting for standardization of production safety was held in the company conference room. The safety assessment team is composed of four experts, including Li Huai and Hao Weiqiao, and is chaired by Li Huai experts. Comrade Fu Heshun, General Manager and Director of the Safety Production Committee of the company, Li Tinghong, Deputy Executive Director, Zhao Fuping, Manager of the Security Department and the head of the relevant departments of the company attended the meeting.

On the basis of the original safety production standards of our company, the three-level enterprise evaluation of safety production standardization was conducted by the expert group according to the relevant laws and regulations of the state and the three-level enterprise evaluation standards of safety production standardization of our industry. The safety-related information provided by various departments of the company was reviewed, and the safety management situation of our company's production, equipment and electricity was inspected on the spot. Condition. The expert group highly appraised our company's safety work and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions. The company passed the acceptance test successfully.
Comrade Fu Heshun, General Manager and Director of the Safety Production Committee of the company, said that the company should take this opportunity to conscientiously implement the three-level safety standardization evaluation rules in the future work in full compliance with safety standardization, and always operate the safety standardization standards rigorously and meticulously, so as to strive for a new step on the basis of the three-level safety standardization evaluation and acceptance.

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