• At present, quartz stone plate has become the preferred surface material of cabinet countertop material, but it also leads to the confusion of quartz stone sales market, the quality is uneven, and the price of quartz stone is different. For example, many people in the decoration of quartz stone table, began to use deny good, with two years but seep color! I can't wipe it clean. If I can't get it right, I'll buy a fake stone.
    1 2020/7/2
  • China's quartz stone manufacturers have become the global quartz stone production and export base from the early imitation to the current independent R & D and production. According to data statistics, there are thousands of quartz production enterprises in China at present, some small-scale manufacturers are still following the trend of imitation, resulting in the quality of quartz market. Some even produce and sell "high imitation quartz stone" driven by interests.
    5 2020/4/22
  • The industry presents a very gratifying situation. It has cultivated a huge potential consumer market, which is at the forefront of the world in terms of market scale and application penetration rate. According to incomplete statistics, there are nearly one thousand large and small artificial stone production enterprises in China, which have become an industry that can not be ignored in the field of new decorative materials. They have made important contributions to the prosperity of China's decorative materials market and the improvement of people's living quality.
    11 2020/3/4
  • With the unremitting efforts of China's Quartz enterprises, from the early imitation to independent research and development. At present, there are thousands of enterprises of artificial stone and quartz stone in our country, and it has become the largest country of production and marketing of artificial stone and quartz stone in the world, which has realized the real sense of curve surpassing.
    5 2019/12/25
  • I. easy to clean: in the production process of quartz stone table top, according to the principle of "lotus leaf effect" and using modern bionics technology, the surface of quartz stone table top is specially treated, which takes into account the two effects of beauty and hygiene. The surface is dense and pore free, forming a unique sense of microcosmic convex concave. Compared with the traditional rough artificial stone table top, it is not easy to hide dirt and grow fine Bacteria, easier to clean.
    14 2019/12/18
  • How can we prevent the crack from extending and repairing after cracking? After the crack in the table top, a round hole drill shall be used at the top of the crack extension direction to drill holes to prevent the table top from continuing to crack. Repair should be operated by professionals. First, crack should be inserted; then glue should be adjusted and embedded into the seam. After the glue is completely solidified, polishing will be carried out. However, there will be traces after the repair of quartzite, which has a certain impact on the overall aesthetics. Warm tip: brand quartz plate manufacturers have a one-year warranty period. If the cracking problem is caused by the plate itself, you can apply for the manufacturer's after-sales service within the warranty period, and ask for a new table.
    2 2019/11/28
  • 19 2019/10/9
  • The common problem in quartz stone splicing is that the two plates appear high or low, and the treatment method often chooses to grind, which will lead to the loss of gloss on the surface of the plate, and how to repair the loss of gloss?
    32 2019/9/23
  • Why do we all say that quartzite is good, first of all, because its texture is very hard, quartzite is die-cast under vacuum conditions, the surface of the plate is the same, compact and porous, its density can reach 2.3g/m, which fully illustrates the hardness of quartzite, and is not easy to crack
    40 2019/9/18
  • Avoid local overheating and cracking of the table. Do not place hot pots, hot buckets, electric stoves and other high-temperature utensils directly on the table for a long time. It is recommended to use a good heat insulation mat.
    52 2019/9/16
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