After sales service process:
1. Communicate with customers on quality issues
Ask for evidence of the project, according to the preliminary determination of the evidence is in line with the provisions of the compensation, determine the standard of compensation, compensation time, determine whether the customer has other requirements. Fill in the above written records, report to the leadership in charge of examination and approval.
2) quality assessment
The general use of "material value valuation valuation", namely sheet according to the problems involved in the actual area and the actual sales prices, to the whole sheet according to the calculation of the whole sheet. You can also use the "valuation", that is, according to the actual situation of the site assessment, one-time solution.
3) communicate with customers
The customer agrees to the deal after completed the internal compensation formalities within three days, the execution time and customer communication.
4) for compensation procedures
Confirm the compensation standard, the customer service service personnel for the internal procedures, QianPi Chukuchan, indicate the customer service and so forth, complete formalities after transferred to the sales department, the sales department according to customer orders with order delivery. If the difference should be at the time with the customer, and make the appropriate treatment, if necessary, please sign the customer to confirm the difference.
5 (again) visit customers again
After finishing all the formalities, customer service staff politely inform customers successfully see through all the formalities, consult whether there are new problems.

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